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The Grand Victory of Luidgi Midelton in Basel

Basel, a city known for its enchanting beauty and undying love for sports, was recently the spotlight once again as it set the stage for an unforgettable performance by the stellar French fencing champion, Luidgi Midelton.

A Golden Achievement by the Young Guadeloupian

The 25-year-old Guadeloupean, Luidgi Midelton, faced a triumphant campaign in Basel, claiming the honor in both the individual category and in the team event. Luidgi, teamed with his talented compatriots Romain Cannone, Paul Allègre, and Alexandre Bardenet, defeated the reigning Italian World Champions with a massive 45-24 victory in the final.

This feat is undeniable testament to the striking talents, sharp precision, and relentless dedication practiced by these young men. The French quartet established their dominance throughout the day, hardly faltering as they dismissed their opponents with an air of invincibility.

Navigating the Tournament without Yannick Borel

The absence of the renowned Yannick Borel, initially poised to be a key player in the team, was brilliantly compensated by the team. Bardenet, despite his ongoing dispute over his non-selection for the Olympic Games, didn’t step into the arena for the day. However, his team carried the torch, illuminating the pathway towards victory.

The Road to Victory

The electrifying day began with a controlled performance against Great Britain in the round of 16, where they seized an assertive win with a score of 45-31. The challenge only intensified as they faced Germany in the quarterfinals, a match they neatly packaged with an identical score of 45-31.

Progressing to the semifinals against the Czech Republic, the French fencers ensured a safe passage to the final with a 45-33 victory. Awaiting in the grand finale were the Italian World Champions, a familiar foe from the 2023 World Championship finals.

A Redemption Against Italy

Memories from the 2023 World Championships may have haunted them, where they lost to the very same Italian team in Milan. Yet, this French team emerged from the shadows of the past, demonstrating immense growth, resilience, and determination. In this thrilling rematch, they handed the Italians a crushing defeat of 45-24, clearly indicating who the bloc’s new fencing powerhouse is.

Celebrating the Third Victory of the Season

Notably, this remarkable victory marks their third championship triumph of the season, revealing an unprecedented pattern of consistency and dominance in their performance. As the rhythm of the victory resonates with the beats of the French hearts, it dispels some of the doubts and anxieties that hovered over this sport within the nation, especially with the imminent presence of the Olympic Games.

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